On a crisp and sunny February morning just a few years ago
My three year old granddaughter very much wanted to know
Why a big furry bumblebee was lying dead down on the ground?
Her curiosity was very intent on this insect that she had found.

We said that the sun had woken the bee because it was so bright
But the frost and ice had settled and had frozen the bee overnight.
She was most concerned that we take it and bury it in the earth
This was duly done by granddad while trying to contain his mirth,

I told her I would wrap her up warm and take her on the swings
This was to focus her mind off the bee on to pleasanter things.
Later while putting on her scarf because it was bitterly cold
She was chatting about the day and remembered what she was told,

She looked very thoughtful as I pulled her hat upon her head
And then she said, "Are all the other bees tucked up warm in bed?"
Because if the one that had died today had put on a coat and hat
It would be in bed with the others and not finish up like that."

I marvelled at her reasoning and how she had pondered all day
Over a poor frozen bumblebee that had finished up that way.
So if by chance you see a bee fly past dressed up in winter gear
Just remember this tale of mine and give a little cheer.

Copyright � - Maisie Walker 2000 - All rights reserved


"Good Morning Mrs Brown and how are you today?"
"Oh I only wish all my aches and pains would go away."
"Hello Mr Jones I see you are wearing a big frown�"
"I'm fed up" he said "with the rain that's tumbling down."

"Hello Mrs Smith" perhaps she will not be quite as blue
"I think I have a cold, because I keep running to the loo."
I had only gone a few hundred yards on my daily walk
Everyone I had met so far were too miserable to talk.

Wrapped up in their tiny worlds without a kindly word
I pondered about their unhappiness when suddenly I heard
A lovely blackbird whistling full of the joys of Spring
Oh! how wonderful is nature, what elation it can bring.

I answered that blackbird and as we whistled to each other
A little boy came on his scooter followed by his mother.
"Wotcha doing?" he said looking quizzically at me
"Talking to that bird" I said, "Up there in that tree."

He seemed happy with my explanation and went off to play
I smiled to myself about his curiosity as I went on my way.
I met him on the way back and he stopped to look at his mum
And what he said next stopped me feeling so very glum

"Oh mummy it's that lady who teaches all the birds to talk"
I felt like one of God's helper's as I finished my daily walk.
The innocent remark of a child and what he said that day
Made up for the miseries I had met and what they had to say.

Just listen to a child at times and in our everyday daily life.
It would help with all our ailments and the everyday strife.

Copyright � - Maisie Walker 2001 - All rights reserved


The infants were having their first lesson concerning the Good Book
The teacher said the Lord was with them, they gave her a funny look,
She said God would hear them when they said their daily prayer
And he would help with any problems that they wanted to share.

The children said if the Lord was with them, His presence all around
Why! When saying prayers, did they have to look down on the ground?
A lad said in a loud whisper it was like having an invisible mate
It sounded just like the one he had, that's why he was always late,

The teacher assured them all that the good Lord was up above
And every one of the children had His blessings and His love.
One little girl queried this and said "Why can�t we see Him miss?
If He loves us as you say, why doesn't He give us all a kiss?"

"He is always with you" said the teacher "even through the night."
"Could we have His address miss? And then we could all write"
The teacher said "No" to that question because it was time to go
She would tell them at their next lesson all they wanted to know.

She watched them all file out after putting their things back in place
When she noticed a little lad standing with a puzzled look on his face
She became concerned and exclaimed, "Are you not very well?
The other children have all gone home, did you not hear the bell?"

The teacher was quite worried at the stillness of the little lad
"Tommy please do tell me if you are poorly, I will not be mad."
The little boy looked at the teacher with joy and very knowingly said
"If you give me God's phone number I could give Him a ring instead!"

Copyright � - Maisie Walker 2001 - All rights reserved