My mum has bathed me today and I'm none too pleased
What with shampoo up my nose I just sneezed and sneezed
There I sat just like a drowned rat, all sopping wet through
My mum kept saying " What a beauty! everyone will love you"

I was not bothered about anyone stopping to admire me
I only wanted to jump out the bath and shake myself you see.
I was wrapped in a towel tightly and set down on the floor
And I tried to make a beeline towards the bathroom door.

"No you don't" said mum with comb and hairdryer ready
As she blew warm air through my coat taking it quite steady.
It tickled as she went round my ears and over my fat belly,
When the dryer went round my tail, my legs all went like jelly.

She brushed my coat until I looked like a powder puff
I kept thinking to myself 'hurry up mum I have had enough'.
I was glad when I was dry because I wanted my food and drink
And I wanted to get in the garden to get rid of shampoo stink.

When I finally got in the backyard I dug for my doggy chew
But when my mum came out she said " Look at the state of you,
Your face is black and so are your paws, what a waste of time.
Come in here you little madam let me wipe off all the grime."

My mum said she adores me although I make her life tough
And am I the only CAIRN TERRIER that likes to look a scruff.
She did not stay cross with me for long because she loves me so
And I hope that it will be quite a while before in the bath again I go.

Copyright - Maisie Walker 2003 - All rights reserved