During all my years on earth I have heard many a peculiar name
Did parents think that this would help bring their offspring fame?
I have lived next door to a Dickie Bird and a Dusty Miller too
And I used to know an Ida Downe believe me this is true

There was an Ivor Lott a Will Power and a Robin Hood
Also Rusty Locke and Blackie Smith and a girl named Bebe Goode
I have worked with Eva Stone and Lydia Potts and an Eileen Back
All of them have had to live with such a great amount of flak.

There was another girl I worked with whose name was May Trump
You can well imagine how she felt and why she often had the hump.
One name imprinted on my mind from many years gone by
Was of a girl starting work and I swear that this is no lie,

Of all the names that I had heard this was the unkindest of all
When the boss asked her for her name she answered Ophelia Ball.
The look of horror on his face was a picture to behold
It left a vivid memory in my mind that I have often told.

So Mums and Dads pick a name to do your children proud
And when asked what it is they will shout it clear and loud.

Copyright © - Maisie Walker 2000 - All rights reserved


Have you ever noticed how much like animals we are?
Many things that we do put us on much the same par.
Like being as ‘ Weak as a kitten' or ‘ As strong as an ox'
Or perhaps being ‘ As quiet as a mouse’ or ‘ as sly as fox,’

Someone who misses the point being ‘ As blind as a bat’
Anyone leaving a sinking ship being likened to a ‘ Rat.’
A ‘ Snake in the grass’ is someone who is underhand
And we all know ‘ An ostrich with its head in the sand,’

Your ‘As proud as a peacock’ or ‘As stubborn as a mule’
If any one gets very irate they are called a ‘Raging bull.’
You can be ‘ A wise old owl’ or even ‘A dirty dog’
Or have the ‘ Strength of a lion’ or a ‘Greedy hog,’

‘An elephant that never forgets’ is a figure of speech
Or a person who won’t let go is said to be a ‘Leech’
What about being called “As mad as a March hare”
Or perhaps “As bald as a coot” and having no hair.

As “Happy as a lark” being as “Free as a bird”
“Lively as a cricket” is another we have all heard.
You can be as ‘Sick as a parrot’ or a ‘Cheeky monkey’
The list is never ending of the animals we could be.

Copyright © - Maisie Walker 2000 - All rights reserved


Colours play a big part in what happens to us every day
As I have tried to show by putting it in verse this way.
Starting with white the colour we go when we have a fright
And black can be a nasty rage, not a very pretty sight.

Green is being envious bringing jealousy to the fore
Purple is strong language that cuts you to the core.
Red you go with embarrassment, wanting to go and hide
Yellow is a coward, someone you don’t want on your side.

Blue is the tint your skin goes when you are very cold
And silver can be your hair colour when you grow old.
A brown study is when your mind has wandered quite a bit
But when you say you are in the pink, it means that you are fit.

Sometimes if we are not well our skin is tinged with grey
But a golden glow about us means we’ve had a super day
Our lives are one big rainbow made up of many different hues
So think hard each day about which colour you would choose.

Copyright © - Maisie Walker 2000 - All rights reserved