This small book is to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Victory in Europe after six years of war.
I am one of the fortunate ones who came through that terrible war and I wanted to record memories from that era.

I dedicate this book of my early life to my lovely family and all evacuees who went through such a traumatic time during WW2.

It will tell about the first twenty years of my life. Tales of comical as well as grim times and will act as a history dossier of life between 1930 to 1949.
It will take you through the extremely poor years of the 30s through WW2 and the post war years.

I hope whoever reads this will enjoy these true tales from many years ago.
All proceeds have gone to my local Rainbows hospice.
If you feel that you have enjoyed the book and would like to make a small donation to this wonderful place,
please go HERE

The photo on the front of the book was taken of me when I was nearly 5 years of age. I had been let out of the home for a few days to visit my family.
During that few days at home my mother bought me the frilly dress and shoes to have my photo taken.

I can well remember walking down the Old Kent Road with my sister and my mother holding my hands so that I did not trip over and dirty myself due to wearing the patch over my good eye.
When the photo session started the patch was removed for the photo to be taken and it was promptly stuck back on again after the sitting.

I have been asked if it really was me on the photo?
I have had to relate this story of WHY I had no patch over my eye.
That is one reason why I decided to add this note.

Incidentally the photo was found in the debris of the first house that we had bombed during WW2 along with one or two more family photos and documents. That accounts for the dilapidated condition.

Chapter One